SIZZLE S3 - 5minutes

Presenting the Sizzle Reel for The Marijuana Show Season #3! We searched the country for the Next Marijuana Millionaire and found them in California! Please support our core mission to help legalize it, and de-schedule Cannabis by sharing this sizzle with your friends! Season #3 is launching on April 26th, 2018 on our new site, and phase #2, on Amazon Prime!

Nicole Wicker (Season 3 Contestant)
almost 3 years agoMarch 22, 2018
Season 3 trailer looks AWESOME!!! YOU ROCK, Wendy, Karen, and MJ Show crew!!!  LOVE TO ALL!
Karen Paull, Executive Producer
almost 3 years agoApril 9, 2018
Thanks to everyone that helped make this Season possible; the cast, crew, and especially Wendy Robbins, our amazing Director and lead Editor!
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