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4 months agoApril 7, 2018
I have Chronic pain since 2008, was in a Motorcycle Accident A Car hit me & the Driver , we were T-boned I broke multiple bones including my Femor.  I had to have my Leg shortened in order to save it.  Can this Marijuana or CDB Oils help me w all the chronic pain I gave?  I'm currently on pain meds & it's causing other problems.
karen paull
3 months agoMay 29, 2018
Hi Mollie, we aren't able to provide medical advice as we are not doctors however we believe strongly that medicinal cannabis and CBD can help with chronic pain. What is your email address and I will send you information. Bless you and feel better soon!
about 2 months agoJuly 1, 2018
I have Stage4 inflammatory breast cancer.
Wondering if the oils would help
about 1 month agoJuly 7, 2018
At Mollie yes I been a car accident myself..Broke 44 bones in body including my femor bone..T rty CBD as well but yes this will help w iui th your pain
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